Is my anonymous proxy really anonymous?


There are many anonymous proxies available on the internet. But can you really trust that an anonymous proxy is going to actually keep your system anonymous? Here’s our thoughts on this situation.

Open Unblock proxies

The response for open proxies, regarding whether they actually keep you unknown online or not is a big, fat, NOT ANY CLUE. Though they’re useful because they’re convenient, and NO COST, truth is that you can never be certain who’s behind the cover up. That is, the “WHO” is running your proxy server? You have no idea. He could be spying for you, or offering your IP data to someone who’s paying a handsome price for it. Though there are a lot of honest and open proxy admins out there, there is a major risk in using them, so they get a bad rap for anonymity. Plus, you need to worry about the proxy admin being proficient enough to build the proxy server right, therefore you can’t always be certain about the level of anonymity of the server (some list it over a gradient scale, some don’t list it at all.

Premium proxy services

If you’re paying fees, then chances are that your degree of anonymity is going to be better. At least we hope that machines are going to be maintained or kept properly and that there’s some incentive for the owners to adhere to an online privacy policy. Following all the ethical protocols, they want to have repeat customers, and online based businesses are extremely susceptible to reviews from other customers!

Nevertheless, still, the degree of anonymity will vary. Some use SSL encryption, and some no longer. Anonymity settings will fluctuate of course. The benefits here is that there is going to be a support email where you can actually ask about the degree of anonymity.

Web proxy VS VPN

An unknown proxy is wonderful for anonymous browsing, but anything outside of your browser certainly will not be protected by the proxy server. If you’re jogging software like VoIP or games, then you’re heading to desire a VPN to hide your Internet process address. VPNs, though a completely diverse category of technology Computer Technology Articles or blog posts, are often discussed when referring to proxies because they’re also used as an anonymous surfing tool.